Logo design and brand identity help to set you and your product apart. I have been involved in pitch work as well as logo development, and social media growth and expansion.

Television work for media

One of the clients I was lucky to work with was the X-factor I made a series of posters that appeared on screen in the final show. I also helped design props for the media company who was responsible for the filming of the show.

Creating brand

I have helped, many clients establish the logo and brand identity they would like to have represent their idea. For this I usually develop a series of concepts after a conversation about what they like as well as dislike. Its important that something is made for the client that they can be proud of.

Refining brand

The refinement of a brand or development stage is where I try to show the client how we can take their initial idea even further. It can take a few days or a few weeks it just depends on how hands on the client is and how much input they would like to have. I think of this stage is the critique stage.

Keeping on brief and to brand

During the entier design and brand development process its important to keep to a brief, not to venture to far off what the clients vision is for their product and also to establish something that is visually pleasing and represents their personality. Establish brands will usually have a brand guidelines but if people do not have this, I can also help create this document or explain how this document could help your brand.