As a web developer and UI/UX designer its important to judge weather the new ideas you are implementing are working. Data will allow you to see where and how this works.

Google Analytics

Through out my career I have always used Google Analytics, I have been to numerous courses with google and am able to implement a lot of techniques that help people to better understand their data.

Web Master tools

If a company does not have the budget to use MOZ, I can utilise Web master tools to a very high level. I use Web Master tools even when Other third-party website's are available as it enables me to see errors. I also like to compare the Web Mater tools report to the Google Analytics report as it allows the data to become even more cleaner if implemented correctly.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is something I am very interested in, once a company spends over 100 dollars in AdWords the amount of information that opens up is massive. It is important however that you are correctly targeting your campaign correctly otherwise it is a very easy way to waste money.

Pardot, Sales Force and other third party websites

Pardot, Sales Force, Hot Jar, Slack, Trello, the Atlassian tools, there is a lot of third-party tools that help you to become more efficient in your job. The list I mentioned is not limited to these names, but these are websites and tools I use daily to help produce the results a potential client would like to see.