I have a wide rage of  skills

I have a wide range of skills ranging from networking through to coding. The list below consists mostly of the creative skills I acquired across the web and graphic design industry. So in the words of the great Will Ferrell – “There’s so much room for activities”

HTML (5) – Intermediate/Advanced

I have been working with HTML since 2005 and have made the transition into HTML 5. I generally use strict document types and take time making my code look clean and easy to read. I also make sure that I use class names that are easy for other developers to follow, and am very excited about the new features HTML 5 offers developers.

html jack the webber

CSS (3) – Intermediate/Advanced

I have been working with CSS since 2005 and have moved and adopted into CSS3. I Generally like to keep my CSS files as small as possible and try not to double up on styles. I like that CSS3 adds to CSS and makes life easier for a designer/developer to make website’s that are more dynamic.

icon css Jack The Webber

jQuery – Intermediate

jQuery is the JavaScript library I choose when developing websites. I can hand code most of the jQuery I need for my designs/development but if there is an aspect I can not achieve, I’ll often use a plugin and manipulate it for a satisfactory result.  jQuery is also great for cross browser functionality and usability as it helps make the end user’s journey through a website much more enjoyable if implemented correctly.

icon Jquery Jack The Webber

Responsive Design – Intermediate

With the evolution of the mobile phone and tablet; responsive design is very important in both the design and development phase of a website. I generally use media queries to achieve this, however, there are other libraries out there that I have used such as jQuery mobile. I do find this to be a bit sluggish so where ever possible I feel it is best to use media queries.

icon responsive Jack The Webber

Browser Testing – Advanced

Browser testing is very important, generally the lowest browser I will work to is IE7. For IE6 the user will have a limited experience therefore I will ask them to update their web browser. I will do browser testing throughout the project and generally a final test across all platforms before handing the site over to the client/account manager for feedback.

icon browser testing Jack The Webber

Information Management – Advanced

I have become very good at structuring information so it is easy to access on a website/server. I also have become excellent at naming conventions and making it easy to archive and update files located on the web. Information management is important as it saves time and confusion, it also allows user to structure and save their work so that anyone coming onto the project can pick things up quickly and easily.

icon document jack the webber

Social Media – Intermediate

As much as it pains me to say this, social media has become more and more important today. I have used many social media platforms from Bebo and Google blogs, to Facebook and Myspace. I understand how to present a company or business well on these platforms and have created designs for some pretty large fan bases, the largest being around 60 000 people.

icon social Media Jack the Webber

Google Analytics – Intermediate

Google Analytics is the tool I use to monitor traffic on most of the websites I produce. This tool is free and is extremely valuable, I have used this tool since 2005 to monitor my own website’s traffic as well as other client’s sites. It is great for giving SEO advice and seeing what keywords your site is being indexed for, as well as seeing who is linking to your site and the location your traffic is coming from.

icon-analutics jack the webber

JavaScript – Intermediate

When I can not use jQuery on a project I will use raw JavaScript. I am able to understand and write most of the JavaScript myself however I prefer to use jQuery as it is more compact and easier to write.

icon-javascript Jack the webber

Php – Basic

I have basic Php knowledge and am able to make fill in forms, as well as include files. I am easily able to code around Php and add styles to the code using CSS and HTML. This is a Language I would like to learn more of especially the ability to make my own CMS system, however there is just not enough time in the day to do it all!

icon-php Jack The Webber

ASP.Net – Basic

I have basic knowledge of ASP to the point where I can create include files and make a simple form. I am easily able to write around this code and style it with CSS and HTML.

icon-asp.net Jack The Webber

Photoshop (CS1 to CS6) – Advanced

I am advanced in the use of Adobe Photoshop and this is my go to program when I create web layouts or do photo edits. I have also created tutorials and taught students how to use this program. I have been working with Photoshop since 2001 starting on CS1 and am highly confident with my skills and ability’s which I have picked up over the course of 11 years.

icon-photoshop Jack The Webber

Dreamweaver (CS2 to CS6) – Advanced

There are loads of HTML editors out there but when I am writing a website from scratch I do like to have Dreamweaver as a tool I am able to turn to. I have created websites with the use of program’s as simple as Notepad, however, if I had the choice I would pick Dreamweaver over all the other HTML editors I have used.

icon-dreamweaver Jack The Webber

illustrator (CS2 to CS6) – Advanced

Adobe Illustrator is the program I use when creating logos or vector art for print work. I have created a number of logos with this program and am very confident when using it. I have a made and gathered a number of resources over the years which I often use when making a new logo or design.

illustrator Jack the Webber

InDesign (CS2 to CS6) – Intermediate

Adobe InDesign is the program I use to create posters, flyers, business cards and small magazines. I have experience in this program but not as much as Photoshop or Illustrator. I would say I am more a web based designer than print based but I am able to produce print ready work.

icon-indesign Jack The Webber

Adobe Flash (CS2 to CS6) – Intermediate

I have used Flash quite a bit over the years and I do not enjoy to work with Flash if I do not have to. The reason is that even though Flash is able to do some really great things it is just not the kind of approach I want to take with most of my web projects.  I can produce full websites with this program.

icon-flash Jack The Webber

Adobe After Effects – Basic

When I was studying for my Bachelor of Media Arts, I completed a number of courses that used Adobe After Effects. I have also used this program in a number of personal projects but have no commercial experience with After Effects. This is a program I would like to learn more about, as it is a very powerful tool.

icon-AfterEffects Jack The Webber

Freehand MX – Intermediate

During my Bachelor degree I worked a lot with Freehand MX to make a number of projects. I have not used this program in a commercial environment as I use illustrator.

icon-freehand-mx Jack The Webber

Director MX – Basic

During my Bachelor degree I completed a number of course’s that used Director MX. I have not used this program since then but I am quite confident that I could pick it up again quite quickly.

icon-director-mx Jack The Webber

CMS Systems – Advanced

Over the years I have worked with a number of CMS systems these include, SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal, Silver Stripe, Website Baker, Type Pad, Joomla, IBM CMS, The E-C tool Set, as well as custom built CMS system. I have had a lot of experience in this area and have my own preference’s but generally they all have their own strengths and weaknesses and it really depends on the scale of the project/budget as to which system I have worked with.

cms-icon Jack The Webber