Through out the course of my career I have designed and developed 100's of websites, Mobile 1st design is a must and where I start in the design and development process.


I am still actively developing and for something that started in 2018 with just one person on the website it has growen pretty big. Over 150 people contributed a small fee to list and get a bit of promotion from me.

This helped me while I was moving between France and New Zealand, as I was not able to take up full time employment in France while sorting out my own personal situation.

Now I am settled in France and working full time, I am not able to service both full time employment and this idea. To be really honest VoxOdyssey did not make enough money to be a realistic full time business idea. I would need to drasticaly increase price and while I know how it could work, for now it has been tonned back to a hobby/project and creative outlet.


When I was based in the UK, I help to develop and design the new QVC UK website, this project has been going for three years before I joined the team and helped to get it across the line. We had a very strong and supportive team of people and the end results were very pleasing.

Jonathan bash design

Jonathan was introduced to me through a friend he is an LA based fashion design and has made clothing for some very high level celebrates. His client base is at the higher end of fashion with some very famous names. It was a pleasure to help him achieve his goals.

Agency work

I have previously worked for an agency based in London. One of the biggest jobs I worked on was a weekly email for Monster recruitment called the M word. It was sent out to over 2 million accounts. I was also involved in pitch work and marketing campaigns for numerous other AAA brands.